COVID-19/LOCKDOWN– The Great Lesson

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If there is one significant LESSON to pick or learn from this COVID-19 and especially the LOCKDOWN, It is RETIREMENT!

The Lockdown paints or painted a picture of how Retirement Age/Period would look or feel like. COVID-19/The Lockdown has no respect for your BILLS/Expenses (you keep spending everyday). You have been locked in. You cannot go to work to make more/additional money. Same way Retirement or Retirement Age/period will not have regard for your BILLS. You will be at home. You cannot go to work because you are old and retired. You cannot look for a (new) JOB because your bones are weak. But, your health bills, feeding bills, rent bills, etc will keep visiting and you must welcome and entertain them, otherwise you are looking for trouble.

Start planning your Retirement NOW and you won’t have to DEPEND on your CHILDREN for survival at old age.

Plan your Retirement now, and whatever your children give you will just be an ADDITION.

Oh, you think you are still young ?
You are waiting till you are 4O or 5O before planning your Retirement ?

REGRET is what is common with the Senior Citizens (those who have worked and retired/Old people). Go ask them, they will tell you they regret not having or starting EARLY on Retirement Plan. Don’t make the mistakes others have made. Don’t allow your life to be a WARNING to others. Rather, let your life be an EXAMPLE for others (a good example).

No SOCIAL SECURITY in this country. No serious plans for the OLD. You are on your own (OYO) at Old age.

Sometimes, these senior citizens are required to go through rigorous pension screening.

Sometimes, some of them collapsed while on the queue going through the process of collecting their pension. Some even slumped and died in the process.

Sometimes, these pension funds/money are embezzled.

The good way to go is to plan your Retirement EARLY (don’t wait until 5O or 55). The better way is to start planning now. And the best way is to take Action NOW!

It is never too EARLY or too LATE to start now. You are never too young to start because it is often said, “the earlier, the better”. Start saving, get or open a separate ”Retirement Account”, and be disciplined with it. Start saving now. And then INVEST! Don’t just Save. Save To Invest!

There are many Investment Vehicles that can land you into a HAPPY Retirement Life! And one of them and the most safe, secured and guaranteed is REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS.

You don’t need to save or have up to Millions or Billions to get started— You can engage in affordable Long Term Real Estate Investment plan— for instance. Buy a land (1, 2, 3 or more plots) now at N85OK per plot. Keep it. Leave it for 1O, 15 years to appreciate/gain value and then sell it at N15M, N25M or more. Now, let’s assume you bought 5 Plots at N85OK per plot, and you sell 15 years after for N25M per plot. That will give a total of N125M (N125,OOO,OOO). The capital gain/profit is huge and massive. No bank in the world can give you such returns. That is one reason why saving money in bank is not the best strategy to grow your money (unless you save in bank for the purpose of investing later).

Let’s take PRECAUTIONS, stay SAFE & POSITIVE. This too shall pass. And we shall come out better and stronger!



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You can take advantage of the amazing real estate offer as or for your Retirement Plan!

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