The Paradigm shift in Real Estate

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REAL ESTATE Investing especially in Nigeria has come a long way.

There is a paradigm shift. Real estate investment in Nigeria is now for everyone— there’s now a change in the fundamental underlying assumptions, it doesn’t matter your size and level of income. Gone are those days, when real estate was the exclusive right/business of the few and powerful.

Of the truth, many people especially those in diaspora, have been duped/SCAMMED of their hard earned money (either by their relatives or friends) all in the name of investing in real estate back home.

And that is where we, as a company, come in. We understand that people in diaspora do not PLUCK money on trees, neither do they PICK money on the grounds. We know that you work real hard to make money over there.

We have all these understandings and we empathize with those who have fallen victim. So, we step into the scene to help Nigerians and also those in DIASPORA to rightfully invest their hard-earned money in genuine properties back home.

We are PWAN Group. PWAN Group Limited is conglomerate, a group of companies with over 1O Affiliates. Pwan group is a Real Estate Marketing and Development company with a vision of making Land/Home Ownership dreams a reality for all. With properties spread in several states of Nigeria — Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Owerri, Delta, Uyo, Benin…

The titles documents of the lands are verifiable.

Should you need more details or clarification, especially on how to invest, kindly reach me through my phone number (+234 81060 48203)— Call/whatsapp or whatsapp call. And will be glad to guide and work with you towards investing in real estate back home.

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